Commercial Insurance, Lebanon – News and Events: Christmas Letter 2017
Christmas Letter 2017
Date 18/12/2017

Lebanon has always been an arts and culture hub that continues to grow despite regional instability. It is especially important to support the arts during times of uncertainty to promote tolerance and social change, strengthen communities, and develop the artistic skills and creative minds of our world.


Commercial Insurance has taken an important role to support this art scene in Lebanon. We proactively engage with and encourage young and emerging talent and support the art ecosystem through various initiatives and sponsorship. We have also developed the know-how to preserve cultural heritage and art and have become the leading specialists in fine art insurance.


As such, this year we will continue the tradition of extending our season’s greetings to you, our valued partner, by supporting the highly esteemed Beirut Art Residency (BAR).


Founded in September 2015, BAR is a cultural non-profit institution registered in Beirut that welcomes residents from all artistic backgrounds. It is a platform allowing local and international artists to live in Beirut for a period of two months enabling them to research, produce, and exhibit their artwork in a new environment, away from their usual surroundings.


Since its foundation, BAR became a cultural reference worldwide and has received over 500 applications, successfully hosted over 40 artists and held 20 exhibitions and art events.



On behalf of Commercial Insurance, I wish you a very happy and rewarding 2018!



Max Zaccar


For more information or for donations, please contact BAR on, or call +9611443556, or visit    


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