Commercial Insurance, Lebanon – News and Events: Christmas Letter 2007
Christmas Letter 2007
Date 01/12/2007

We, at Commercial Insurance, similarly to previous years, have decided to continue the tradition of extending our Season’s Greetings to you, our valued partners in a distinctive way.


In a time when we are celebrating the many blessings God has granted us, it is our responsibility to assist our distressed brothers. We have therefore decided to donate this year our yearly budget for greeting cards to the “Paradis d’Enfants”


"Paradis d'Enfants" was established in 1997 to remedy the shortcomings of the education system in public schools in Lebanon.


In effect as a result of the devastating war, the educative problems in public schools have resulted in a deterioration of educational standards.


Moreover the socio-economical problems have forced many families to abandon private education, which has added an additional strain on the small numbers of public schools which cannot handle the increased demand. Families with low incomes, where both parents have now to work are facing high cost of living, Cannot compensate the educational needs of their children. As a result of this unhealthy situation children leave the school after many years almost illiterate.


‘’Paradis d'Enfants’’ which is a free primary private school provides the child the right for an invaluable and unique start in education. With a solid background and appropriate education the child is prepared to continue his education in public schools. The primary's program aim is also to develop the Children's personality and way of thinking to become more dynamic and interactive and acquire self confidence while respecting the identity of others.

The school started 10 years ago in one premise with 35 students and three salaried employees it has now 1300 students in four premises and 83 salaried employees.


All this has been achieved thanks to the contribution of NGOs, private companies and a great amount of volunteer service.


On behalf of the team of Commercial Insurance, I wish you a very happy rewarding 2008 year.


Max Zaccar


For information on "Paradis d'Enfants", call Mrs.Zeina Deriane +961 9 642038



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