Commercial Insurance, Lebanon – News and Events: Christmas Letter 2008
Christmas Letter 2008
Date 01/12/2008

We at Commercial Insurance, similarly to previous years, have decided to continue the tradition of extending our Season’s Greetings to you, our valued partners in a distinctive way.


In a time when we are celebrating the many blessings God has granted us, we believe it is our responsibility to assist our disfavored brothers. Therefore, we have decided to donate our yearly budget for greeting cards to “Libami” (Amis de la Famille).


"Libami", an apolitical non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1994, supports the Beirut suburbs’ poorest families to become financially independent and be able to offer their children a better and brighter future.


“Libami” currently supports 250 families by providing them with the basic survival needs such as food, heaters, blankets, clothes etc…


“Libami” also sponsors 410 children’s school tuition fees in addition to covering the daily needs of 200 children. To further assist children with learning difficulties and ensure their success, it has set-up an afternoon school aid for 50 children with the help of 8 salaried teachers.


“Libami” extends its help to university students who can not afford even the transportation cost to their respective universities by providing them a symbolic monthly pocket money.  This year, 67 university students have benefited from this aid.


Moreover, “Libami” employs a full time psychologist who guides and follows up with the distressed families to help them encounter their obstacles and move forward in a healthier environment.


Finally, “Libami” has now opened a chocolate factory which employs mothers and hence, provides direct income for the disadvantaged families.


All this help and success can not be achieved except with the generous contribution of NGOs, private companies and a great amount of volunteer service.


On behalf of the Commercial Insurance team, I wish you a very happy and rewarding 2009 year.



Max Zaccar



For more information on "Libami”, please contact Mrs. Nouhad Azzi +961 (0)1 511810 or +961 (0)3 516830


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