Commercial Insurance, Lebanon – News and Events: Christmas Letter 2009
Christmas Letter 2009
Date 01/12/2009

Another successful year marked by a stronger positioning, an increased client satisfaction and continuous use of high quality standards and conservative basics.


In a time of celebrations, celebration of the many blessings granted to us, celebration of the season’s generous greetings, we look around to the less privileged and take it our responsibility to assist them. In our efforts to continuously support the less fortunate, we have decided to carry on with our yearly tradition of donating our budget for greeting cards to the NGO “Faith and Light”.


Established in Lebanon in 1980 with the aim of finding a place to those with intellectual deficits and their families in society, “Faith and Light” Lebanon currently counts 64 communities out of the 1495 communities spread in 78 countries.


“Faith and Light” believes that every person, regardless of his disability, has the right to be provided with the appropriate assistance that will help him grow and prosper at all levels.


“Faith and Light’s” mission focuses on creating bonds of friendship between all members of a community and on revealing one’s unique talents and beauty. These fruitful and interactive bonds help members mature on both the humane and spiritual level and can even contribute in helping them find a new meaning to their lives. Community members include parents, friends, and people suffering from their intellectual deficiencies.


A “Faith and Light” community is usually constituted of a grouping of 15 to 40 persons (kids, teenagers or adults with an intellectual disability, their family and friends) who meet together regularly, for gatherings of friendship, sharing, and celebrations. Other activities include summer camps, outings, … and training sessions.


On behalf of all Commercial Insurance team, I wish you a very happy and rewarding 2010 year.


Max Zaccar





P.S For more information on “Faith and Light”, please contact Ms Graziella Jalkh :

Tel/fax: +961 (0) 4 525045 or +961 (0)3 799408 or


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