Commercial Insurance, Lebanon – News and Events: Christmas Letter 2012
Christmas Letter 2012
Date 01/12/2012

50 Years !

50 Years
– a rewarding milestone for our continuous thrive to provide our clients top class protection, the most innovative solutions and most important personalized service.

50 Years – a rewarding milestone for our engagement to transparency allowing our clients to focus on their core businesses without being hindered by hidden messages.  

50 Years – a rewarding milestone for our communal participation helping the disfavored of our society and our commitment in contributing to a greener Lebanon.

50 Years  & 50 more years during which we promise to manage your risks in the most efficient way for you to live boldly and look after our environment and community to live peacefully and healthily.

During this special time of festive and corporate celebrations, we would like to extend our Season’s Greetings to you, our valued partner, in a distinctive way. As we have done in the past years, our annual budget for greeting cards will be donated this year to the NGO “Cénacle de la Lumière” inviting you to share with us their vision of “Stronger Youth, Solid Families, and a Healthier Society”.

“Cénacle de la Lumière” was established in 2006 to raise awareness on drug issues among the youth and society, to provide rehabilitation to individuals suffering from drug addiction problems, and to offer support to their families.

“Cénacle de la Lumière” has supported over 300 individuals and 200 families since their establishment. Through an integral approach, their recovery program aims for sustained recovery and solid reintegration of every person into his family, work, and society as a productive, responsible and drug free citizen. They offer psychological counseling, spiritual coaching, health care, family follow up, social and life skills empowerment, educational and professional orientation, and legal support.

“Cénacle de la Lumière” also run very effective drugs awareness activities and campaigns to inform and empower the youth and society. More than 700 young people have benefited from their workshops.

On behalf of Commercial Insurance team, I wish you a very happy and rewarding 2013!

Max Zaccar

P.S For more information on “Cénacle de La lumière", please visit: or contact +961 (0) 9 478 937

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